Over $450 Million in Settlements & Verdicts: $4.6 million truck accident

E&T wins $2.24 million jury verdict in automobile collision case

Attorneys James Thompson and Mike White of Edelman & Thompson, obtained a $2.24 million jury verdict for their client on a serious automobile collision case in Kansas City. The police officer, relying on the defendant’s statement, originally pinned the fault on our client because she struck the rear corner of the defendant’s car. Unfortunately, at the scene, she was unable to give a statement due to her severe injuries. Despite the fact that our client insisted the defendant turned abruptly in front of her, the defendant and his insurance company refused to take responsibility for her injuries.


With the assistance of an accident reconstruction expert, James and Mike were able to convince the jury that the defendant was primarily at fault in causing the crash. In addition, James and Mike introduced the testimony of our client’s treating physician and provided documentation of her medical bills which led to the substantial jury verdict. “For Edelman and Thompson, there was real satisfaction in winning such a sizable verdict for our client because of the devastating injuries she sustained, the medical bills she incurred and the fact that she may never be able to work again,” said James Thompson, partner, Edelman & Thompson. “These kinds of cases remind us that the American judicial system provides the opportunity to balance the scales of justice and right wrongs, no matter how powerful the opponent.”

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