Over $450 Million in Settlements & Verdicts:

  • $11 Defective Product
  • $7.2 Million Pool Drowning
  • $7 Million Auto Accident
  • $6.5 Truck Collision
  • $5.1 Million Asbestos Claim
  • $4.6 Million Truck Accident
  • $2.75 Million Premises Liability
  • $2.2 Million Work Injury Truck Accident
  • $2.0 Million Truck Accident
  • $2.0 Million Product Liability
  • $1.9 Million Auto Accident
  • $1.5 Million Motorcycle Accident

Over $450 Million in Settlements & Verdicts. Most recent: $4.6 million truck accident

Our Fees


  • We don’t get paid unless you get paid.
  • We are paid a percentage of the settlement or verdict we win for you.
  • We advance all of the costs of preparing a strong case for you.

At Edelman & Thompson, we believe strongly that everyone deserves access to our legal system. That’s why we work for our clients on a contingency fee basis. We front the cost of preparing a strong case for you. If we are successful in obtaining a settlement or verdict for our clients, our fee is a percentage of that recovery. On work injury cases, our fee is 25%. On most other cases, the fee is 33 1/3%, much less than the 40 or 50% charged by some other law firms. We are reimbursed for our out-of-pocket expenses only if we win your case.

The contingency fee is critical to ensuring that everyone, not just the wealthy, can obtain the legal representation they need and deserve. Without it, insurance companies would know that they could stall cases and drive up legal costs against injured people without the resources to pay upfront fees to attorneys and, ultimately, force them to quit their case or settle for less than they deserve.

Edelman & Thompson has 5 locations in the Kansas City, Missouri & Kansas City, Kansas.

Disclaimer: Edelman & Thompson believe that the choice of a lawyer is an important decision that should not be based solely upon advertisements. Choosing a lawyer is an important step in protecting your rights. Call us, then decide. Office visits are by appointment only. Settlements and verdicts depend on the facts of each case. Past success does not guarantee success in any future cases. Costs and expenses will be advanced and reimbursed to us only if you recover. You have no liability for costs or expenses unless a court directs.