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Choose the right lawyer

Most people don’t have experience hiring a lawyer. Some law firms take advantage of this fact, so you should be cautious.

Reviews – Read as many reviews as you can. You’ll see a pattern. Make note of it. With Edelman & Thompson’s reviews you’ll notice that people name specific people at our firm who went above and beyond their expectations. You’ll also see multiple people commenting on how good the communication was about the status of their case. Many people who fire their initial attorney have told us things like, “I never met my lawyer. They wouldn’t return my calls or email messages.” That happens at high-volume law firms, where they focus their efforts on settling cases as quickly as possible so they can collect their fee.

Results – Only one firm, Edelman & Thompson, is allowed to say they’ve won more injury cases (Auto and Work) in Kansas City courts than any other firm (2011-2023). The factual information for this claim is from the Missouri Department of Labor and the Kansas City Jury Verdict Service. Only a very small percentage of cases go to court, but insurance companies respect law firms that actually fight for their clients and are willing to go to court (and WIN). This fact gives us tremendous negotiating power with insurance agencies. They settle fast and they settle big. Otherwise…

Referrals – Most of our new clients come to us from referrals from past or existing clients. We are honored that they refer us and entrust us with the opportunity to help their friends, coworkers, or family.

Repeat Clients – Some people have high-risk jobs or have to work with dangerous equipment, or just bad luck. We wish people wouldn’t get hurt again, but we are happy to help them if they need us.

Relief – When you are injured, hope is good medicine. We take the stress off of our clients and guide them to the proper treatment. That’s something you’ll read about in our reviews as well.

Reputation – Edelman & Thompson has a 30-year reputation as a serious law firm that does a lot of good in our community. Other law firms might be known for how much advertising they do. All law firms are allowed to advertise; even bad ones.

Respect – At Edelman & Thompson, you’ll talk to an experienced lawyer, not a screener, the first time you call. Only an experienced lawyer can properly evaluate your case. Your time is valuable, especially when you are injured and need serious help. There is no time to waste. You need answers and next steps.

When you meet with a lawyer, consider their experience, empathy, and straightforwardness about the merits of your case. If a lawyer promises you results, run… to Edelman & Thompson. We do get great results for our clients, we just don’t promise them, and no lawyer should.

Calling Edelman & Thompson first would be a great idea. 816-561-3400.

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