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Edelman & Thompson is #1 in Kansas City jury verdicts according to the official Kansas City Jury Verdict Service for the years 2011-2022 and #1 in Kansas City workers' compensation awards for the years 2011-2022 according to the official statistics from the Missouri Division of Workers' Compensation.

It Pays To Have A Workers' Compensation Lawyer

Getting injured at work is often just the beginning of work-related problems. The Workers’ Compensation is, generally, set up for efficiency and to protect businesses from lawsuits.

The standard lawyer fee is 25% of the workers’ compensation award. Although it sounds like it reduces the compensation you’d receive, what typically happens is this: Your lawyer will help you get more compensation than you’d be able to collect on your own. Every case is different, so please call for a free consultation to see what we could do for you. 816-561-3400.

5 Locations in the Kansas City Area
Kansas City, MO
Independence, MO
Olathe, KS
North Kansas City, MO
Lenexa, KS