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Edelman & Thompson is #1 in Kansas City jury verdicts according to the official Kansas City Jury Verdict Service for the years 2011-2022 and #1 in Kansas City workers' compensation awards for the years 2011-2022 according to the official statistics from the Missouri Division of Workers' Compensation.

The Local Advantage

Every day on Kansas City television, viewers see commercials asking them to call toll-free numbers for legal services from out-of-state firms. Edelman & Thompson urges those seeking an attorney to consider the advantage of using a strong, local firm that handles cases in Kansas City-area courts every day rather than a firm that does not maintain a fully staffed local office.

The partners at Edelman & Thompson practice right here in Kansas City, and are available to meet your doctors, visit the scene of your accident and personally meet with you face-to-face. Personal contact is critical to getting the best results for clients. Regular, face-to-face meetings help us keep our clients informed about their rights and the progress of their cases. They also help us put together the best case possible for the people we represent.

Unlike firms outside Kansas City we know the Kansas City courts and practice before Kansas City-area judges on a regular basis. In fact, our legal team includes a former judge, Carl Mueller, and a former legal advisor, Steffanie Stracke, from the Missouri Division of Workers’ Compensation. Our proximity helps us efficiently manage your case’s filings and court dates, and allows us to deal with hardship issues.

Call today at 816-561-3400 (Missouri) and 913-599-1800 (Kansas) to speak with an attorney directly, and then come down to meet our entire legal team.

5 Locations in the Kansas City Area
Kansas City, MO
Independence, MO
Olathe, KS
North Kansas City, MO
Lenexa, KS