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Auto or multiple autos vs auto

Our Biggest Case Results:
Passenger Vehicles

  • Why do most law firms show off their big case wins? After all, most cases settle for far less.

For most big case wins, they must have:

  • Tremendous negligence
  • Life-changing injuries or death (loss of income and quality of life) 
  • Expert legal representation
  • Elevated policy limits

No two cases are alike!

When we win BIG for our clients, it helps increase the settlements for all our clients, because insurance companies know that we have the experience and reputation to not allow them to low-ball us.

The results below are our biggest settlements or jury verdicts for automotive wrecks, whether they be personal cars or trucks, or multiples thereof.

For results that pertain to bicycles or motorcycles, click here.

For results that pertain to pedestrians, click here.

For results that pertain to large commercial vehicles, click here.

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Details Undisclosed: Sometimes a defendant will negotiate to have details suppressed. Other times, a plaintiff may wish to not have details published.

Updated 2023

$7 Million: death 

$6.5 Million: burns and the loss of both legs  

$3.95 Million: multiple injuries 

$2.24 Million: fractured ankle 

$1.4 Million: details undisclosed

$1.25 Million: back injury

$1.1 Million: back injury

$1,075,000: multiple fractures

$1 Million: details undisclosed

$950k: concussion, fractures

$950k: multiple fractures

$913,333,333: death

$900k: fractured femur

$845k: shoulder injury

$750k: brain injury, broken ribs

$700k: details undisclosed

$650k: traumatic brain injury

$625k: death

$625k: death

$600k: details undisclosed

$597,233; details undisclosed

$550k: hip injury

$550k: details undisclosed

$500k: details undisclosed

$500k: details undisclosed

$466,522: death

$465k: hand and arm injury



$450k: hip injury

$441,130: details undisclosed

$395k: back injury

$395k: details undisclosed

$350k: back injury

$350k: arm fracture

$350k; death

$300,685: details undisclosed

$300k: back injury

$300k: shoulder injury

$295k: head and hand injuries

$285k: concussion, and neck injury

$280k: death

$275k: torn labrum, and shoulder injury

$275k: shoulder injury

$275k: post-concussive syndrome

$270k: neck injury requiring surgery

$250k: broken neck

$250k: back injury

$250k: death

$250k: fractured arm

$250k: broken femur


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