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Commercial Trucks, Semis & 18-wheelers

Our Biggest Case Results:
Big Rigs

Accidents involving huge trucks usually result in huge injuries because the sheer mass of the trucks often causes them to keep going even after a collision. This causes more harm and damage and sometimes even results in a multi-car pile-up.

The trucking industry is immense, and vital to our nation’s economy. Trucking companies have assets (and shareholders) to protect from liability, so they have very large insurance policies.

These big policies are vital because trucking companies know that accidents are bound to happen, but they can’t predict whether injuries will be severe or if negligence is a factor. Negligence can stem from inadequate driver training, poorly maintained equipment, insufficiently-secured loads, or driver fatigue.

Below are our largest settlements or jury verdicts for truck accidents.

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Details Undisclosed: Sometimes a defendant will negotiate to have details suppressed. Other times, a plaintiff may wish to not have details published.

Updated 2023

$2.5 Milliondetails undisclosed

$2.4 Million: multiple leg fractures

$1.75 Million: death 

$1.575 Million: pedestrian

$950k: broken ankle

$947k: death

$900k: back injury

 $795k: death

$500k: broken ankle and foot




 $450k: hip injury

$441,130: details undisclosed

$423,500: details undisclosed

$400k: details undisclosed

$395k: back injury

$395k: details undisclosed

$360K: details undisclosed


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