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Motorcycle and Bicycle Accidents

Our Biggest Case Results:
Motorcycle and Bicycle Accidents

The thrill of open-air travel is part of what makes traveling by motorcycle or bicycle an attractive option. Unfortunately, drivers of other vehicles (and sometimes another biker) will occasionally be inattentive or simply fail to share the road. At Edelman and Thompson, we’ve handled dozens upon dozens of accidents involving two-wheeled transportation. Fortunately, only a few have resulted in injuries so severe to be listed among our top jury verdict awards or settlements. Below are examples of our larger case results for motorcycle and bicycle accidents. For results that pertain to pedestrians, click here. For results that pertain to large trucks, click here. For results that pertain to passenger vehicles, click here. Call for a free evaluation of your case by one of our attorneys – 816-561-3400. Details Undisclosed: Sometimes a defendant will negotiate to have details suppressed. Other times, a plaintiff may wish to not have details published.

Updated 2023

$10 Million: details undisclosed

$1.025 Million: spinal injuries


$1 Million: back

$500k: multiple fractures


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