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Edelman & Thompson is #1 in Kansas City jury verdicts according to the official Kansas City Jury Verdict Service for the years 2011-2023 and #1 in Kansas City workers' compensation awards for the years 2011-2023 according to the official statistics from the Missouri Division of Workers' Compensation.

Kansas City Insurance Claim Lawyers

Insurance Claims

It’s a fact; Insurance companies like to keep their money. It’s understandable. They are a business after all and are accountable to their shareholders to be profitable. They have skilled lawyers and negotiators to minimize their losses when they are called upon to fulfill an insurance claim. When insurance companies should pay fair compensation, our insurance claim lawyers get to work and make them pay.

Because we deal with so many different injury cases and have more than 30 years’ experience dealing with a wide variety of insurance companies, we’ve learned their tricks and strategies, and have developed a few of our own. We’ve even got lawyers and staff who have previously worked for the insurance side.

In most cases, it is the negligent party’s insurance company that is the bad guy, but not always. Sometimes your own insurance company might be playing games when they are the ones that are supposed to pay. For example, take underinsured motorists’ coverage; It’s a good idea to get it if you don’t, because it will pay for medical expenses that exceed the limits of the negligent party’s coverage. Read a short article about the importance of having underinsured coverage here.

Providing you with legal representation allows us to battle the insurance companies for you, taking away their strategies of delays, double-talk, blame-shifting and more. Call our insurance claims attorneys today at 816-561-3400 if you are having issues in getting a claim paid by an insurance company. It costs nothing for an initial consultation and doesn’t obligate you in any way.


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